Lightweight Jammin' Lyrics by E-40

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Lightweight Jammin' Lyrics
I was goin thru some east the otha day I ran across this
I said to myself this jammin I could'ntresist
My folks was like this [? ] who produced this
My potna [? ] off of a beer and a spliff
{Jammin} this beat ull make ya lungs collapse
Whatever he was smokin man I want some of dat
Whatever we be tottin man a le ass flat
It's ain't where u from it's how u come and where u be at
Where u be at yeah where I be at missouri atlanta kansas city portland sea tap
Kentucky nevada dallas tex detroit n da map
Arizona san diego fresno LA n sac
{Jammin} I put vallejo on the map rubberband about to break can't hardly fit on my stacks my bankroll out of shape gotta lose some wait it's too fat
How much money u make I can neva be exact BIAATCH!

[Chorus: x11]
That's lightweight jammin,

[Clyde Carson:]
Halfway that almost slap it kinda knock that might just clap feel good brand new [? ] bitches catchin feelings like tonights gonna be a goodnight soon as I pull up yo bitch is goodbye partyin n jack j.j. gooodtimes
Burn every ball clyde just cook rhymes took time
But then she came this go this go that's all she said mayonnaise mustard all she spread
Freddy bein 2 [? ] and my 15s playin
{Jammin} gettin it diggin it dog easy to jammin when she wettin the wall she get to jammin n u likely to fall hood go hand when it's water and carl

[Chorus x11]

Everytime she see the 73 she wanna get with a leather bee inside I don't listen stop goin money what the f*ck is u tellin me oh shit husalah husalah dippin on 6s shittin on midgets slap tremendo knock ridiculous chicken shit and broke bitches wish n by?
Yolkin 4 barrels open hella sideways have the whole club chokin this shit go so damn maney people catch the holy ghost like grandma n auntie husulah husalah he a damn boy ain't he fake suckas hate me they girl wanna take me I come through with the ganstas n the hustlas 8 rulers in my trunk that's 12 for u suckas bled

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