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Let Go & Let God Lyrics
[Chorus: Lenny Williams]
Let go and let God
Fight your battles
All you got to do is just believe
And have the faith of a mustard seed

[Verse 1: E-40]
Right now it's feast on faming, either ya eating or ya starving
Houses upside down, foreclosures, government auction [?]
It's nasty out here it's bad, it's awful as it was been yesterday
Before yesterday they picked up my car, got reprocessed
What's next? They found cancer in her chest (hoo)
My lil homie mama mane they talking bout cutting off her breast
Ran hella test, mama grams and stuff
Nervous breakdown her husband left when it rains it pours it's rough
Somebody got shot today and errbody know who did it
It's easy to kill a man but it's harder to live with it
Comma used to take three years but now it only take thirty minutes
The victim's family shed they tears Memorial Day they go to visit
The gravesite the resting place of they family member main
And then they light a candle and put flowers on it mayne
Alot of my folks still here alot of my folks done vanished
God will provide you with the peanut butter and jelly, but you gotta make the sandwich

[Chorus x2: Lenny Williams]

[Verse 2: E-40]
I'm on the line with my relative, she crying
She say 'you might not come when ya call me but ya always right on time'
I said 'that's old people talk' she say 'them old people ain't lying
I was in church the other day and all I put was a dime'
"A dime? " 'Yep, a dime triple times
I got breaded back today, just enough to spend
But in a whole 'nother way, my income tax came in
Got some credit cards to pay and I owe a couple friends'
I said I'll say it ain't nothing to be ashamed
We all in the same boat, but God is in the blessing game
The majority of us broke, we all goin through some thangs
Gotta pray and hold on to your hope, like a hubcap in the fast lane
My daughter pregnant and her boyfriend don't give a damn
Cereal, milk, cheese and eggs apply for the weight program
E.B.T. Electronic Benefit Transfer
It's plan to see single parents got a hold on me

[Chorus x2: Lenny Williams]

[Sings: Lenny Williams]
It don't matter what'chu going through
Trust in God and he will see you through
Oh, if you ain't got no money
If you don't have no gas
If you in a relationship and it seem like it ain't gonna last
Let go and let God
Let go and let God
Let go and let God
Let go and let God
Let him fight your battles...
Sometime you got to mourn...
And this what I like to say
If you in a projects, let go and let God
Ah-oh, if you in that prison cell just let go
Just let go and let God
If you in front of the judge, just let go and let God
Ah-oh-oh-oh-oh yeah
Let go, let it go and let God
If you down at the welfare office, let go and let God
If somebody standing in front of you got a gun pointed at ya just let go
Just let go and let God
Yes he will fix it for you
I know he will, yeah
Just let go, just let go and let God
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