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It's Pimpin' Lyrics
(What is it?)
It's pimpin, what.. (what is it?)

It's pimpin with me, what is it with you?
Bitch hit the strip and do what you do
(Pay attention to me, and stay on the track)
(I'll be right back, when I be right back)

[repeat Chorus]

Tryin to have a stable full of, gregarious, clear bitches
Professional wonderful ladies of leisure, merrylicious
that'll get undressed at the drop of a dime at my request
And believe that, e'rytang I tell her to do is for the best
Hoe you in violation, you in the red, wait a minute hoe
You mean to tell me you tryin to jump camp
after a big ol' player like me done buttered yo' bread?
You free to go, I ain't gon' tell you no mo'
I told you twice, you'll be back cause you need, pimpin in yo' life
That's how you gotta get at these broads, you gotta check 'em
Man a hoe'll walk all over ya if you let 'em
I give her a Chinese name (what?) Won Gone
Then I stab out, with my ham sandwich, Fleetwood Brougham
Break a bitch, pimp shit, L-R-P's
Long Range Pimpin hoe, overseas
Whites blacks filipinos, viet-ma-nese
Atlantic City, Vegas, Reno nigga please believe


[Chorus Two]
(It's pimpin) all day, everyday, that 40 play
But he say, she say, beotch! That-a-way
(It's pimpin) all day, everyday, that 40 play
But he say, she say, beotch! That-a-way
(It's pimpin)

She was a baby (baby) she was lame (lame)
Til I turned her out, now she's pussy trained
Pussy trained, not potty trained, but pussy trained
Pimpin you hard, you got some game!
This one of the ones, I like this knock
Who did the beat? My nigga Rik Rok
He a fool - that shit on hit
You know what this remind me of? Some of that Dr. Dre shit
Blarin, imagine that shit on blast
at the Arco station after the club, pumpin some gas

(Wait a minute, wait; hey hold up.. ba-ba-bump-bump! *car horn*
ba-ba-bump-ah *car horn* Baby.. ay sweetie! Ay look here baby
Underdig this, ya underdig? Ay look here
You need to get with a boss, tell that day old seven to get lost
Yeah, cause all he gon' is damage you
All I wanna do is manage you)


[Chorus Two]

She said - just take me out to the pimp pic-nic
I'ma put it down for you..
Represent that Sic'Wid'It
Whatever you want me to do!
She loves me (loves me) she loves me not (loves me not)
As far as family, I'm all she got (all she got)
Pimpin and panderin, handlin these hoes
Penitentiary chancin it (?) with these hoes
Checkin the track, collectin my scratch, and slammin Cadillac doors
Countin my stack, spat to them straps
Directin the mannerisms of these hoes
Ready for war, never too to', with Taylor shoes on my toes
Sickin my beotches on these rappers cause they be payin these hoes


[Chorus Two]

F'real f'real nigga, I bet you that
I see a bitch nigga I bump the fattest bitch in the club
Nigga bout my pimpin nigga, I give a f*ck and a half
I refuse to be livin under a bridge an'
pushin some motherf*ckin grocery baskets pimpin
Y'knahmean? (Cause it ain't in a bitch beauty
it's in her duty mayne, youknahmsayin?)
Please believe that (Yeah a real pimp'll
put a wig on a pig mayne, I mean so fat)
Hey nigga hey nigga doe I'm just curious doe pimpin
Hey man straight up how many hoes you got doe f'real?
(Man I'm six deep with no sleep man
I mean fat knees, to clackin they toes
a tappin, I'm bout a pimp smackin
I don't do nuttin but finesse rest and dress man
and let these bitches do the rest, y'knahmean?)
Fo'shiggidy (I pimp SO fat)
That is the best game I can smell pimpin
I promise you, it don't get no better mayne
(I mean, I used to do this since way back when man
I didn't even have a car, I used to have a swing man
And I'll put a bitch on the fifteen gurney in a hurry man
And tell that bitch, that-a-way!)
It's pimpin to me..
(It's pimpin..)
(It's pimpin!)
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