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He's A Gangsta Lyrics
{"He's a he's a he he's a gangsta"} [repeats x8/and throughout song]

[Verse 1: E-40]
Funkmaster like Flex heavy metal rapidly (BLAHOO)
Knock ya out'cha socks put'chu out your misery (OWH)
Homicide try'na holla they wanna question me {"we need to talk to you"}
Cause I'm always into beef and smoke broccoli [coughs]
I do my dirt by my lonely I ain't tellin' on me
I keep my mouth shut like James Beasley and Lil D, solid
Find me guilty I do my time even if I'm sixty
Long as I get out with my pride and my f*ckin' dignity
Real, born in it surrounded killers, dealers and robbers
Mommas identifying bodies in they pajamas {"that's my baby"}
Teenagers packing and writing 'round with them lamas {"rah rah"}
Squeezing on niggas like anacondas (bah)
I'll put tips on a nigga we can fade and we can locked up like this
So we can get off into some of that old shoot-em-up bang-bang gangsta shit (Blaoo)
Most of the time it's over a bitch when the form spark
This dog gotta bite that a back up his bark

Yeah, broad day light or midnight here at it's muthaf*cka out
(He's a gangsta)
We don't bunny up we dummy up
One squeeze'll bring a nigga to his knees
(He's a gangsta)
You didn't know, we got five wordsmith come through and grand finale yo block
(He's a gangsta)
If we crawl past a bulkheads, it ain't on no sun it's off the map
(He's a gangsta)

[Verse 2: The Boy Boy Young Mess]
Black mobs, beaver minks and black glocks
Kim Cole hard bottoms nigga with no socks
This gangsta in it dawg nah ain't got candy paint
I beat it my cases with cash my nigga no running
My heart pump no fear to a nobody
You drive by material black Maserati
One nigga, one black mack, four black bodies
Giving niggas scared play homie like Greg Woolley
And I ain't into playing no checkers with'chu lil niggas
Homie I knock down pines and f*ck over rooks
I got gangstas from that lil D ear shook
I catch ya digging in ya nose and life can get tooks
Niggas never seen a Canali suit
Show I showed em one and double so let'cha know I'm coppin' mo than one
When I'm yanking on sumthin' I'm poppin' mo than one
If I see ya ass and give ya a pass then ya owe me one

I got stand over potna's that's train to go that it to the head off a backboard
(He's a gangsta)
We don't goony up we goony out we play the street as the next that a snitch a cognac
(He's a gangsta)
You bet not try to slot a bitch up under me cause I'll polish like a pimp's dater
(He's a gangsta)
We whoop ass, taking names and worry about asking questions later
(He's a gangsta)

[Verse 3: The Jacka]
Err place I show up I got the pistol trippin'
All my niggas feel safe when I'm in the building
Make a nigga feel raped when I slap his melon
With the ass of the cannon spot get ready
By a hyenas
Harder than life a level for we dine divas
Tech cool with ya sickness of swine netter
Never heard a tech cause these fakers a prime-retta
Fresh up outta Tina's back in the crime bidness
Keep my lawyer paid cause she is a damn genius
Keep my niggas paid to murder the star witness
Never saw a reign when niggas is start snitching
But part of the game is death so now it's just more killing
Selling up a pack to send in him to a fella
Who slit his f*ckin neck fore he think about telling
Eight a thousand years like a Gladys Knight breakfast and I'm in the lobby fear cause

Don't come though asking questions about who what when where and why cause you will die
(He's a gangsta)
When we hit them prison gates we ain't going to general population we going to the shoo
(He's a gangsta)
Yeah nigga, I'm about my money f*ck with my family it's consequences or repercussion
(He's a gangsta)
I ain't goin lie, I know I got it coming one day, I know my past goin come back and haunt me
(He's a gangsta)

{"He's a he's a he he's a gangsta"} [x8]
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