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Extra Mannish Lyrics
I'm a little mannish muthaf*cka
I take after my older brother
Started off selling marijuana but now I'm selling yola
Shit was gettin hella funky at first
when a nigga was stealin a bitches purse
Ended up gettin kicked out of every Vallejo school
they clocked me like a circus
I was the little mannish motherf*cker showing off in the back of the church
My momma was quick to hit me with a switch and I say "that hurts"
Get to the house, go to my room and talk some trash
I never believed a hard head made a soft ass
Cuz I be moving fast and I'd be tryin to stash
Beat up the pizza man and then I straight dashed
Disobidient sport cut my days short
My momma got tired of takin' my ass back and forth ta court
I said "momma I'ma straighten up for you and I promise I won't warrant"
Got me a job as a paper boy
21 dollars a month
5 o'clock in the morning
Damn I'm slavin' for the f*cking white man
21 dollars might buy me some ??(poor carpet chicken george)
I'm tired of muthaf*ckas f*ckin over me
How can I find a way to make some real money?
But you don't feel me
I was tired of being broke lookin coked down
Came up off a twenty dollar put me down
Next thing you know I was up to about a quarter of a ki' rollin
Niggaz was trippin' off me cuz I was a young muthaf*cka ballin'
Gettin my fetti on but when there was funk I had to starve
Time to fetch the choppers and bring out the U-hauls
Extra mannish
I make you vanish
I play for keep
Investigate that ass till they find out where you sleep
Muthaf*cka it's commakausi
Don't even try me ahh
I bars none you best believe that I'ma bring me ah
Fully automatic Tommy with the infared say I'm sorry
Before I pump your ass full of lead and dump the body
Extra mannish, that's what people be calling me
Oh we can be cool until you get to threatening me
I loose my temper and shit my eyes turn red
Blow my top and get real hot at the head
I guess I'm a failure, I gots no future in my front
All I'm able to do is sell dope and hit the blunt
Don't ask me why Sometimes I go to church and testify
The preacher preaches and I be dang near ready to cry
Repute the devil
I got to get out of the ghetto freak
Sometimes I wonder if mommy and daddy really payin me
Who would ever thought that a nigga like me
would become such a bad ass youngster
My mommy and daddy done f*cked around and created a damn monster
Why couldn't I wait till I was bigger
before I started drinking malt liquor
I guess I was a nappy headed stubborn little mannish ass nigga

Guess who comes through, comes through
It's me the Y-O-U-N-G
I'm just as mannish as I wanna be I pack a 30-30
Niggas wanna blast me because I'm down and dirty
Extra mannish how I'm livin and I'm f*ckin my neighbors bitch an
She lovin' every minute of the dick that I be givin
Bitches on my jock , Bitches on my jock
Suckas on the block know I got a glock
Bini caps, B-coats and all of that
I'm beatin niggas down with a baseball bat
I'm havin revenues I'm gettin paid fool
A ghetto muthaf*cka with an attitude
It's young mugzy and E-40
It's explains why it's hard for us blacks and hispanics
And why we turned extra mannish
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