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Club On Lock Lyrics
[Hook: Matt Blaque]
Baby got the club on lock
V.I.P. with the bottles getting popped
That's what I like to see (drank-drank got the club on lock)
Go lil mama go, go, go, go, go (drank-drank got the club on lock)
Go lil mama go
Shawty got it all turnt up
Rocking with her girls looking good as f*ck
That's what I like to see (drank-drank got the club on lock)
Go lil mama go, go, go, go, go (drank-drank got the club on lock)
Go lil mama go

[Verse 1: E-40]
She running her phone so she got the building on lock
The other girls mad because she bad and they not
I'm on her I'm at her I'm on the case immediately
Try'na do some things you can see on regular TV
Parental guidance rated X, not rated PG
Take her to the double tree and spread her legs like a V-neck
A couple of hours after we meet
She had a tattoo on her coochie that read 'slippery when wet'
I left a good taste in her mouth after I head
Sat on the edge on the couch and smoked a spliff
Felt hella guilty after I played her my bitch
But at least it was worth it mane, her coochie was the shit

[Hook: Matt Blaque]

[Verse 2: Laroo]
She got it
Lil mama got the club on lock, look
Cameras follow her through the club she photogenic
Them bitches rocking knock-offs but her bag authentic
Club lock I unlock it the crowd shift
The blood pre-roll yack guzzle I read lips
She want a nigga with Rocky Mountains like Colorado
Girl sexy as f*ck the seven in the Tahoe
Hard-hitter I teach em how to reverse count
Club smashed street niggas with larger mouths
She allergic to lames she wanna P
And all my P partners know the terminology
Look, operation pull that ass over black and white
Gas bitches I'm on a petal, like a bike
Yeah, yeah

[Hook: Matt Blaque]

[Verse 3: E-40]
She got the club on lock
Her booty pop pass so her natural and organic
The thickest broad I ever seen the biggest butt on the planet
I'm try'na stick it and ram it I wanna plug it and jam it
A whole lot to handle but I think I can handle it
She go to work every day, she got her own cake
After the perfect push-up, she get me off like a shake way
Go to City College, all about her cash
Every Tuesday and Thursday she teach a pole-dancing class
She got game, she from Cali
All the ballers wanna be her baby daddy
She ain't shame, she a freak
She f*cking up the leather on my seats

[Hook: Matt Blaque]
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