Break Ya Ankles Lyrics by E-40

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Break Ya Ankles Lyrics
Show them how to break they ankles mane!
E40 & Shawty Lo

(Shawty Lo)
Hey let's go
From the West Coast to Atlanta
If nigga gone hate
Well got damn 'em
Hey! Gone & break ya ankles
Hit the dance floor
Gone & break ya ankles
Go stupid, get retarded (Dumb Dumb)
Wake the game up
Them boys made it
Hey! Gone & break ya ankles
We be the shit
Gone & break ya ankles

This a boy
This thang slap
Brought the whole hood with me
Brought the whole trap
Mama this your song
You know the lyrics
Gone & break ya ankles
Yeah that's the spirit
Go nutty, go bananas, go berserk
Show them how to do it
Let me see your foot work
We runnin' up a tab
Havin' money so we spend it
Bottles everywhere
Celebrating like we won the pennant
You recognize the fixture
You see the brightling watch
You get the big picture
You know that I'm a boss
I'm a show up
I'm a show out
From the west coast
To the dirty south


[Shawty Lo:]
Fresh off tour
Brought a mil with me
No the whole club gone have to deal with me
Like 3-6, tear the club up
Like Pac-Man cause I don't give a f*ck
I'm throwing big bucks
Cash everywhere
Shawty over here
40 over there
You know the broads out
Cause the stars out
You see the parking lot
We brought the cars out
Going stupid
Get retarded
And we ain't playin' with 'em
We came to party
I brought a lot of doe
I'm steadn' throwin' singles
So hit the dance floor
So gone & break ya ankles


[Bridge: E-40]
Do it like this
Do it like that
Do it like this
Then you do it like that
Break it on down
Show'em how to clown
Mean mug with it
Let me you rep your town
All street money
Bonafide trapper
Never seen a check
Ballin' like a rapper
80 on the arm
A hundred on my neck
Shoe game sick
In The Bay we call it wet
More jewelry than the court room
Glowin' like the moon
More jewelry than the court room
I'm a tycoon
Designer everything
Throw it in the bag
I don't know how much it costs
I don't look at price tags

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