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Big Time Lyrics
If I got rich one day
I won the lotto
I'll be up in the club, drunk, poppin' bottles
I'm a live it up like it ain't no tomorrow
Big Time, Big Time, Big Time

But I got to get it my way
I know it ain't pretty
Well, I'll be doing my thang til them boys come & get me
I'll be doing my thang til I run my whole city
Big Time, Big Time, Big Time

I get to it, I hustle, I get it in
Trying to win like Steve Wynn
Money long like Jay Leno chin
I didn't put nothing in my government
I paid my bills in money orders
When I was in the trap hella heavy
When I used to quarterback that yolla
Perm down to my shoulders
Trying to get it while it's good
Til the po po's headquarters up a hub station in our hood
A lot of these rappers don't even sound like they believable
But you can ask your uncle & your daddy about EFeazible
They'll say he the gospel he a for real fisher
He used to cop from me, now I cop from that nigga
Had to share the same bath water with my brother
Used to argue, fuss & fight over pillows & covers
The low man at the bottom of the totem pole
Used to go the Salvation Army for school clothes
Now I'm a whaler, tycoon bra, everyday is Christmas
Record company, real estate, food & beverage dealers


Pimpin is ugly out here, it's gross
Best friend will try to sneak if you let him get too close
The body will fall if you kill the head
Lovers turn quick, they forget who buttered their bread
What was you tellin' them
I was just tellin' one my dudes they threw the old rules out the window
Created they own new set of rules
When the shit in the air
Be a man, you can't be scared
Try to nip it at the bud before it get too outta hand
I got some real ones in the pen
That I visit cause they my folks
Up in there programming (what they making?)
Making diamonds outta soap
Just got my car up out the shop (what you got in it?)
Retarded knock
Use the loot that I won at a crap game
And painted it butterscotch
You can hear me throbbing up the block from miles away
My neighbor loose it
Po Po's pull me over at least 3 times a day for my music
My over head $60, 000 a month total
Conducting business on my Sidekick Tmobile


Niggas on the money
On a first name basis
And I ain't ate all day
I want my birthday cake
So if it ain't about the money
You can get it out my face
If it ain't about money
You can go out the other way
Cause I always been about my dough
When they see you doing good
They want to catch you slipping (Ooohhhh!)
Cause them boys going to look out you know
That ain't gone ever stop me
Now don't you worry about me, I'm a G

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