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Alcoholism Lyrics
Alcoholism [x8]

Pull this bitch over my nigga
I got to piss
I stay with sip in my fist
I drink like a fish
Sometimes I be sober
But most times I be blitzed
I'm having my gouda
My nigga all on her bitch
We ball like we hoopers
My nigga we hood rich
We winning not losing
My fella we got chips
I keep me a steak, a pistol, a grip four 5th
Cause I'd rather be judged by 12 then to be carried by 6
Don't wanna be carried by 6
Rather be judged by 12
Suckas be all in my mix
Cause I be up in their gal
Don't know how to rewrite spell
I can add and count skrill
I can sell a rocks to a cliff
I can sell oil to a well
Yay area reppin
Don't need no swagger injection
Big oceans 11
Hustling & money collecting
I'm shattered
I'm blundered mane
I been chiefing that feda
The po po's they tripping mane
They sobriety checking

Alcoholism [x16]

The fur fur is crazy
I have me a "desi"
A designated driver
A rider
We in it heavy
We knocking 40 Water
He foolish the boy gone
That's all they played was his music when I was in a group home
Bout to go slap some bones
Shoot some dominoes with my fellas
Get on that patron
Called Stella Ella and Della
10 to get on the board
I'm fresh off the top
If I skunk you my ninja
You gotta drink two shots
Or we can play for some fedi
Or we can play for pushups
Or we can put on the gloves
Go from the shoulders & box
After that we can hug & get a room & get props
All my fellas is thugs, ballheads & dreadlocks
Right after the function, they continue to get bent
Last weekend it was smacking
My nigga that shit went
I left outta there with not one but two women
I guess you can blame it mane on that alcoholism

Alcoholism [x16]

1300 block ready rock animal
Sitting in the coupe
Orange like cantaloupe
Something on the mantel fold
Gears in the rear
Old English Beer makes it hard to steer
Been getting f*cked up since 9th 10 grade
Bird & grape kool aid and Ace of Spades
I swerved and I do thangs I dance in the rain
And I guess this the money we gave to champagne
I pulled in the lot
Bullets in the glock
Hot or not we like to shoot shots
Stop where I'm hot and I like to drink shots
And I'm gone off the Julio at the 20th & what not
You can say what you say
I'm a paper boy
Little waves up top
With the table boy
She be playing hard to get
But you can make them boy
Put some drink in her cup and watch her swish it up

Alcoholism [x16]
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