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Sticky Info:

• Drake recorded this song for Honestly, Nevermind. The album represents a departure for the Toronto star as most tracks find him crooning over dance beats. "Sticky" is one of two cuts where Drake raps rather than sings (the other is "Jimmy Cooks).

• Concerning both bedroom activities and men that set traps for him, Drizzy tells us, "you know how sticky it get."

• Drake covers a smorgasbord of other topics, ranging from his mom's views on his career to his Homer jewelry (Homer is Frank Ocean's luxury brand). He also references Young Thug's incarceration.

• The song ends with a clip of the late fashion designer Virgil Abloh, who Drake dedicated his album to. It's taken from his 2017 "Everything in Quotes" lecture at Columbia University GSAPP, where Abloh discusses his work with Kanye West on the Yeezus album cover art.

From the Album:
Honestly, Nevermind

June 17, 2022

House, Baltimore club


Graham, Blackmon, Ry Cuming

Gordo Ry, X[b]

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