Dottie Peoples Lyrics

Dottie Peoples Lyrics

From the Album The Water I Give (2003) (buy at
The Water I Give
Hallelujah Jesus

From the Album Churchin' With Dottie (2002) (buy at
Churchin' With Dottie
Closet Religion
He Can Work It Out

From the Album Show Up & Show Out (2000) (buy at
Show Up & Show Out
Show Up And Show Out
When God Is Silent
Lift Him Up
I Exalt Thee
I Want To Be Ready
Every Knee Shall Bow
Pray Until Something Happens
Living In The Last Days

From the Album God Can & God Will (1999) (buy at
God Can & God Will
God Can
All My Help
Brighter Day

From the Album Christmas With Dottie (1995) (buy at
Christmas With Dottie
Jesus What A Wonderful Child

Other Songs:
First Class Physician
For My Good
Get Your House In Order
Handwriting On The Wall
Happy In Jesus
He's An On Time God
I Believe I Can Fly
It's So Hard To Get Along
Just A Few More Things

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