Don Gibson - I Can't Leave Lyrics

Don Gibson Lyrics

I Can't Leave Lyrics
Well I told you I was leavin' you a long time ago but I'm still here and I still love you so
And I can't leave no matter how hard I try
You know I love you you know it's true I just can't leave you no matter what you do
And I can't go no matter how hard I try
It's shame oh shame you feel my pain running round on me
But I lost my pride I'm still by your side and that's where I want to be
Well maybe you'll change and maybe you won't
But I'll be here if you do or if you don't
Cause I can't leave no matter how hard I try
[ guitar ]
It's a sad affair when the one you love don't even care about you
But why should I took blame I love you just the same and that's all I want to do
Well maybe you'll change...

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