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Young Abe Lincoln Lyrics
Don Cornell

Raised up in Kentucky, in a cabin cold and bare
Readin by the fireside, he got his learning there
Earned his keep by splittin logs, he grew so lean and strong
He could fight against a bully
Or could right a mighty wrong

Young Abe Lincoln, loved all the people
Oh! What a wond'rous man was he
What a plain, what a humble man was he

Then he went to Springfield, started practicin the law
Folks began to know his name, from Maine to Arkansas
But when the people called him into politics, he went
Cause he had a date with destiny to be the president

When he was elected, o'er his country to preside
Rich or poor, to ev'ryone, his door was open wide
And when he felt the sorrow of a nation in distress
Whe he said will live forever in the Gettysburg Address

Then, on dark and fateful night, that hist'ry wil recall
He went to the theater in his silk hat and his shawl
There a shot was fired by a scoundrel known as Booth
and Abe Lincoln died, because he stood for liberty and truth

Young Abe Lincoln, loved all the people
Oh! What a wond'rous man was he
Gave his life, so that people could be free

Down in Washington, there stands a monument today
People come to honor him from near and far away
And though it's nigh a century, that he's been dead and gone
His truth goes marching on

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