Dean Martin - The Parachute Jump Lyrics

Dean Martin Lyrics

The Parachute Jump Lyrics
The parachute jump the parachute jump
It's thrilling to do a dance that's new the parachute jump
When the music begins to rise
Then you begin to glide
Bouncing from side to side the parachute jump

You leap into space smile on your face
But what do you know down there below the world is in place
Hold it steady so you won't slip
Atta boy let her rip
Then you begin to dip, the parachute jump

You dance and when you dance the angels are singing songs from high on the blue
You dance so high a dance suddenly heavens doors are open to view
You sway and as you sway
All of your dreams it seems are coming true
You whirl into a spin
Loving the spin you're in when you do do do

Parachute jump, the parachute jump
You drop and drop and pop you stop and land with a bump
If you really would like to fly
Feel like a bird on high
Take my advice and try the parachute jump
(Parachute jump, the parachute jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump)
(The parachute jump)

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