Dean Martin - Santo Domingo / Bongo Bongo Lyrics

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Santo Domingo / Bongo Bongo Lyrics
In San Domingo (JL) Re-bah
There's bongo bingo (JL) Re-bah re-bah
It's quite the thing-o (JL) Aw-wah
In San Domingo (JL) Aw-wah aw-wah
That's where the gang go (JL) Ole
To bongo bingo (JL) Re-bah ole
And the fandango (JL) Aw-wah ole
In San Domingo (JL) Ole ole ole oh
Ole (JL) Ole ee-to
Ole (JL) Ole ee-to
Ole (JL) Ole ee-to ole ee-to hoo hoo

The castinets they get a play
Castinets make you sway
The bongo bingo (JL) Ay-yi bingo
And you'll be king-o (JL) Ay-yi bingo
In San Domingo (JL) Oh bongo bingo
If you know how to sway
You can learn how to play
Just the way that they play in San Domingo
If you beat when you hum
Just repeat it on a drum
And they'll know that you've come to San Domingo

Bongo bingo (CM) Bingo bingo bingo bingo ay-ay-ay-ay
Go where the gang go (JL&CM) .. noise ..
And learn the lingo (JL&CM) .. noise ..
And you fandango (JL&CM) .. noise ..
In San Domingo (JL&CM) .. noise ..
Just bingo bongo (JL&CM) .. noise ..
Just bongo bingo (JL&CM) .. noise ..
And we go king-o (JL&CM) .. noise ..
In San Domingo (CM) Bango

(All) Bango bingo bye bye two three four five six ole

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