Dean Martin - Do It Yourself Lyrics

Dean Martin Lyrics

Do It Yourself Lyrics
You gotta do it gotta do it gotta do it all alone
No one else will do it for you
You're on your own

Do it
It may be love or war or mopping up the floor but just do it
Don't send a friend who's true to pitch your woo for you or you'll rue it
Do it yourself
Don't fake it
If you're a fake you won't make it
Wait for your break and then take it
For time and tide they wait for no man go go go go man
Do it
To prove a point at hand just look at old Miles Standish who blew it
He said to John Alden will you go ask Priscilla to do it
Mile got the heave ho
Priscilla said now that Miles is gone speak for yourself dear John
He blew it so do it do it do it yourself

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