Damien Rice Lyrics

Damien Rice Lyrics
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Damien Rice Info:

Damien Rice is an Irish singer-songwriter, musician and record producer who plays piano, guitar, percussion and clarinet. Rice began his musical career as a member of the 1990s rock group Juniper. After leaving the band he worked as a farmer in Tuscany and busked throughout Europe before returning to Ireland in 2001 and beginning a solo musical career. -Wikipedia

December 7th, 1973 (age )

Kildare, Ireland

Folk, indie rock, folk rock

Singer-songwriter, record producer

Vocals, piano, guitar, percussion, clarinet

Associated acts:
Juniper, Bell X1, Lisa Hannigan, Melanie Laurent

Did You Know:
• He contributes to charitable projects: The Songs for Tibet, Freedom Campaign and the Enough Project.

Damien Rice Awards:
Shortlist Music Prize (Best Album not certified Gold in US)

Damien Rice Quotes:
“I think there can be a downside to anything you choose in life, depending on where you are within yourself, whether you’re happy and that’s what I’ve learned over the last while. This can be really hard, you know some things can go really right and some things can go really wrong and it’s when the things that go wrong, it’s how you deal with those”.

According to other people I am a bit of a weirdo when it comes to award things. For me, I don't hold any weight or attachment to any awards. For me music is not competitive. There is no winner or loser or somebody who is better than someone else really.

They wanted to 'radiofy' what I was doing. I was also in a position where I was compromised. I was much younger and maybe it is because I am Irish but there was a guilt factor when the record company pays you a lot of money, you feel obliged.

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