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Shittin' Me Lyrics
Uh yeah yeah on dis one right here we goin to lock down the whole world wit dis one

come on [X17]

you shittin me a [X15]

Dem aint edie golds in yo mouth, shittin me,you say you got dem keys and dem peas,shittin me, talkin bout you got dem stacks on deck boy ,shittin me,d4l
aint whats happenin shittin me,cant rap and make this hot track, shittin me,you claming you aint feeing this boy,shittin me,o dats real platnium on yo
neck, shittin me,thinkin that gurl right thurr goin get wit cha boy, shittin me, tiping house you buying her drinks she gon tell you, shittin me, tellin
me you got dem pe fo 13, shittin me,thinkin i'm gone keep takin this shout money, shittin me, dem spree aint got you ass geeked up, shittin me, talkin u
bout want yo money back partner, shittin me, what you thinkin i'm a lame nigga, shittin me, telll them cops on the west side think i'm slow, shittin me,
ther aint nu kills on this side ,shittin me

[Chorus X17]

they talkin bout the stunt broken mutha f*ckin shittin me, they call me juicy ten yall suckers nigga's will see,i'ma a made man tyrin to get these mutha
f*ckin millions, have my shit stacked up higher than peach street buildins, aint no f*ckin friend of me, damn sho aint no ken to me so why yall tyrin to
hang around, yall cant even be fin no ten of me ,shittin me d4l is my real click,dem the only nigga's i trust and i break bread wit, see stunting is a
habbit, ow i got carrots , everytime my necklas hang my fans try to grab it, i wish you would i wish you would, and try to get buck and so many nigga's
wit d4l well tear the club up, and they dreesed in all black, damn right we got stacks,if you want sumtin from the park bitch well buy that, shittin me,
alwayz talkin bout f*ckin lintin me get some where, i dont need no broke nigga's round me,

come on

[Chorus X16]

all my gangsta's, all my thugs, they shit on you, you f*ck em up, d4l aint all i trust you ,shittin me, thats all my luv, they aint bone enuf to come
f*ck wit us, bankhead gone buck wit us, westside gone buck wit us, ATL gone buck wit us,u think fabo aint ready to come out thet door and kill a bitch ,
you shittin me, you think i'm lyin when i say i'm pop by bill, bitch,you shittin me, i lived dirty all my life but u think it aint real bitch you shittin
me, you think i'm playin o wi this steal you shittin me, we stand on corners and cus, we hell to much, we killa wit guts automatic no clutch, proper boy
thats me click, i dont care who you wit d4l runin shit, we got the hood on lock bitch, scot ye lard dats my dog,free blu wat up cuz , in the hood everday,
like a fen on drugs, got that work for the low, weed, pills ,and the drow,seely fat never slow, count my money get sum mo

[Chorus X16]
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