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Laffy Taffy (Remix) Lyrics
(feat. Busta Rhymes)

Hey, Hey
Well you know
It's Busta Rhymes and D4L in this motherf*cker, fo' sho'
The remix, the remix
I heard a couple of niggaz been tryin to take the dance
y'all nigga created from y'all and shit it's funny tho
I rather see that bitches do it
Here we go

[Verse 1]
I'm lookin' for Mrs. Bubble Gum
I'm Mr. Chik-O-Stick
I wanna (dun dun dunt)(oh)
Cause you so thick
Girls call me Jolly Rancher
Cause I stay so hard
You can suck me for a long time
(Oh my God!)
Girl this ain't no dance flo'
This a candy sto'
And I'm really geeked up
And I got mo' dro'
I wop? I roll
It's all I do
It's the summer time
But yo laffy taffy got me froze (oh)
Gone get loose (oh)
Gone get low (oh)
Don't be shy
Hoe I'm Faybo (oh)
I know you wanna ride
You a star and it shows
(well tell 'em, damn whassup, whassup let's go, let's go, let's go)

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Girl, shake that laffy taffy
That laffy taffy
Shake that laffy taffy
That laffy taffy
Girl, shake that laffy taffy
That laffy taffy
That laffy taffy (candy girl)
That laffy taffy

Mr. Chocolate Chocolate lookin for who choppin it
Shake yo laffy taffy and I like the way she droppin it
Big ol ass I see ya ho
Put her in a video xxx flick and we filmed it at the studio
Aww shit there she go, dancin nasty on the flo'
Po' the Grey Goose bottle right up in her booty hole
Ain't neva seen that before look at how she doin it
Leep the camera rollin because she about to start chewin it

[Shawty Lo]
I run the candy store
And I got mo sugah than Trick and Cee-Lo
If ya got a sweet tooth girl I got ya flavor
You can have it yo way either Now or Later
My chico stick is a real Lifesaver
And I feed 'em Lil' Debbies cause I ain't gone cake 'em
It's Lo, Fabo bust a move then stunt
When I came up in the club and you know what we want


[Mook B]
Say baby girl
Ay what you gon' do
I got a hundred ones
I wanna po' on you
Just keep that ass shakin'
And I keep tippin' you
While I sit back like a playa
And sip that grey goose
Feelin' all loose
Cause girl you on yo job
You got my dick hard
The way you touch them toes
Workin' them micros
On the stilletos
You made it skeet skeet skeet
Like a water hose (candy girl)
Got me goin' in my pocket pullin' out mo' dough
Let the waitress know I need to order, five hundred mo'
You best believe later on we headed to the mo'
So gone and pack them bags
And let's motherf*ckin' go
I'm waitin' on yo fine ass
At the front do'
Girl, you don't know
I'ma toss the laffy taffy
Toss it, flip it, and slap it
Bust a couple of nuts
And get right back at it

[Busta Rhymes]
Shawty you can get up in my whip and you can bring a couple of ya friends
Make sure their waist small with a bubble big ol ass
Where they need a lil help just to get in my bed
Where they can spread it wide open and suck on my Lemonhead
Now spread that ass a lil bit more let me get up in the coochie hole
Now how many licks does it take to get up in the center of my Tootsie Roll
Now tell me mami I'm a watch now do ya lil low drop
Come and do it again Charleston Chew up on my Blow Pop
I love 'em thick and stallion and stat niggaz know the answer
Horseback bowlegged bitches like a Jolly Rancher
Said chick come talk to a nigga real quick
Get in my phantom backseat let me give you that Chico Stick
The way I give it to her shorty know that I'm a make it cream
While she be playin with my balls or Boston Baked Beans now
Baby bounce dat ass and shake it all around until it slap me
And show you with a thousand singles shake yo laffy taffy

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