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Laffy Taffy (Female Version) Lyrics
Boy, Shake Dat Chico Stick
Dat Chico Stick, Shake Dat Chico Stick
Dat Chico Stick, Shake Dat Chico Stick. Dat Chico Stick,
Dat Chico Stick(Candyman) Dat Chico Stick

[Verse 1:]
I'm Lookin Fo Mr.Goodbar, I'm Miss Hershey Kiss,
I wanna woo woo woo (oh) cuz you so rich
Boys Call Me Rich Chocolate, Cuz I Stay So Sweet
If You Can Suck Me Fo A Long Time, Then You The One I Need
Boy this aint no dance floor this a convience store
And I Want You Geeked Up And Smokin' Lots O Dro,
You Soft, I Roll, You Pop, I Know I Got A Sweet Tooth
But Yo Chico Stick A Little Low
Get Hard, Get Right, Beat Da Pussy Up, All Nite
I Know You Like It Ruff, So Wats The Deal
Wats Up, Lets Go,Wats Hanngin, Do It Like Me, To The Flo


[Verse 2:]
Come On You Trickin, I Am Miss Hershey Kiss,
One Time I Gotta Put It Down
Like He Was Stuntin Round Town
Chico Stick,Them Big Ol Dicks
Boy You Think You Can Handle This,
Close Yo Mouth And Don't Say Shit,I'm The Best At Ridin' Dicks
Twerk That Pole And Twerk It Good,Stacks On Deck It's All Good
Ladies Let's Get Em,Stacks On Deck Round Here
Dolla Bills We Gettin No Mo', 50 Hundreds Hittin' The Flo'
After The Club It's Time To Go(Let's Go)
Get It Nigga Can't Even Touch It No Mo'
He Drunk Now I'm Ballad, Out If A Trick Wanna Trick
What's Trickin' When You Get In My Car,I'm Limpin Got My Ass Doin Big Thangs
Yall Already Know Let Me See That Chico Stick Wop,Wop,Wop


[Verse 3:]
Listen Playboy,Wat You Gon Do
I See You Tippin Good, I Hear You Trickin' Too
Imma Keep Dis Ass Shakin' And You Keep Breakin' Bread
While You Posted Like A Playa,Gettin Good Head
I'm Feelin' All Good, Cuz Boy I'm On Da Job
Imma Keep Dat Dick Hard,And You Gon Get Right Off
I Rock Stilletos Nigga,F*ck Some Micros
I Make It Skeet Skeet Skeet, Then Drop It Like A Waterfall
Wop,Wop,Wop(Candyman)Bring Another Stack Back
Let The Waitress Know It's Big Ballin Stacks In The Back
At Three O'clock You Know It's Time To Muthaf*ckin Go
Let Me Get Dressed(Get Dress) I'm Ready To Go

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