D4L - I'm Da Man (Remix) Lyrics

D4L Lyrics

I'm Da Man (Remix) Lyrics
(feat. Rick Ross, Lil' Wayne, & Yung Joc)

Bitch im da man I I I'm da man got no wife but tha white be my girlfriend got got no wife but tha white be my girlfriend got got no wife but tha white be my girlfriend.

[Shawty Low:]
I dont knoooow what yall been told shawty low back on da map wassup that's what's hanninnninnn. And you know I keep work, 17 5 same color T-shirt so what's hanninnninn. I'm da man bitch I'm da man got no wife but da white be my girlfriend. I'm hustlin,' got units in da city if you want it come and get it (haha) work. Weezy's from the NO (Ross) M.I.YAYO when I go that way you know I buy up all they Yayo. Ayeee!!! and you already know I been getting money way back in ninety-fo.

[Chorus x2]

[Rick Ross:]
I tote big chips, ride big whips, smelling like cush walking thru Sis Field. It's Rick Ross, my nigga Shawty Low, all them bricks bought we got alot of dough. They know it's me, they know it's me i'm da man who touched da man for them forty keys. I'm da man sold em forty went and bought a hundred piece. In da club D4L and Triple C's a hundred deep. They wanted beef, they wanted beef don't you know niggas die everyday thats where im coming from, don't you know niggas stay in line when they see that Tommy gun, that's a hundred son, 'round a hundred son. They wanna eat, they wanna eat there ain't nothing free my nigga you gotta run the f*cking streets, at least a week, see what you can move, you gotta move yo feet if you want to fill da shoes.(Ross)

[Chorus x2]

[Lil' Wayne:]
Look, old money, new work, lil coke in my gums like my tooth hurt. They from the red clay, im from that brown dirt, I love my baby mama and granddaddy Purt. New shirt, new jeans, new bent cost more than 2 beams, that's two hundred thousand, nigga you dont know nothing about it, got real niggas ridin' f*ck around we bust up out it. It's Weezy bitch yeah it's Weezy hoe, Ray Charles mama I don't even see da dough. Show me tha money, show me da dough, i'm low i'm C.E.O got stacks on deck got hard got wet a bad bitch with me i'm hard she wet got raw got white got weed got syrup (and what's hanninninn haha work).

[Chorus x2]

[Yung Joc:]
Now let it cook slow in da slow stove if you want straight drop run da water cold. A couple grand, a couple shots a couple drip drops screaming for a couple blocks. Bitch im da man just ask block shots reign out you can hear it from a couple blocks. Bitch what's my name call me Yung Joc call me Superman cause i'm making super rocks. Everybody talking in my neighborhood cause they see me trapping up to no good. I keep tha J's weazing and coughing live by tha line fox 5 and money will cost ya. Burning finger tips keep them shoes hot, the block get hot move to a new spot. Ask Shawty Low bout that toe jam, we making money everytime tha f*ckin' door slams.
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