The Cars - Let's Go Lyrics

The Cars Lyrics

Let's Go Lyrics
she's driving away
with the dim lights on
and she's making a play
she can't go wrong
she never waits too long
she's winding them down
on her clock machine
and she won't give up
'cause she's seventeen
she's a frozen fire
she's my one desire
and i don't want to hold her down
don't want to break her crown
when she says, let's go
i like the nightlife baby
she says, let's go
she's laughing inside
'cause they can't refuse
she's so beautiful now
she doesn't wear her shoes
she doesn't like to choose
she's got wonderful eyes
and a risque mouth
and when i ask her before
she said she's holding out
she's a frozen fire
she's my one desire
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