The Cars - Leave Or Stay Lyrics

The Cars Lyrics

Leave Or Stay Lyrics
i stood beside the rain today
and i twisted out my shirt
she's a cooly you could say
when she gets down to the dirt
she puffs her pillow up so high
it's like she's hanging in the sky
she claims it was some crazy guy
who taught her how to hurt
and kept her so alert
i felt so under sideways down
when she showed me all her prints
i could not help but feel confused
when she threw that heavy hint
she pulled out all her magzaines
she spread them out like chocolate dreams
her eyes were shooting dagger beams
she changed into her silk
i stood there drinking milk
i could leave or stay
makes no difference either way
she said don't listen to her words
as if they were all dead
she said she never made decisions
but the last thing that she said
just before she turned the bed
she said i could leave or stay
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