Conway Twitty - Story of My Love Lyrics

Conway Twitty Lyrics

Story of My Love Lyrics
Darling, were not very old
But theres a love story that has to be told
By stars above I swear that it's true
It's the story of my love, for you.
(my love for you)

It starts when you came into my life
You vowed someday you'd be my wife
Sweetheart, I thought the world of you
You made my world of dreams come true
(of dreams come true)

The years may come, and years may pass
And I reach the end of lifes journey at last
Though time may change me in some ways it's true
It could never change my love, for you.
(change my love, for you)

Oh, when I'm gone, you bury me
On the highest mountain of history
Then all the world will hear me cry
My love for you will never die.
(for you will never die)...

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