Conway Twitty - Reason Why I'm Here Lyrics

Conway Twitty Lyrics

Reason Why I'm Here Lyrics
I can tell that you're surprised to see me
Standin' at your door at three a.m.
Yes, I had someone else to talk to
Sometimes a man needs more than just a friend.

Yes, I know what they will say about us
The bitter tongue of gossip's never fair
I'm with you, to me it's all that matters
That's one of the reasons why I'm here

They all think that I just barely know you
They'll all say I'm forward fresh and crude
But they don't know that you've been thinking 'bout me
The same way I've been thinking about you.

There's nothing wrong in reaching up for someone
When you believe that someone really cares
Time is precious and it waits for no one
That's one of the reasons why I'm here.

As we lie here with only love between us
I can feel your heartbeat runnin' wild
You gently touch the ring that's on my finger
It's all that's left between me and my wife.

She left me for someone else
This evening she found someone elses love to share
She freed me from the chains that kept me from you
Julia, now you know why I'm here...

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