Conway Twitty - One More Sunrise Lyrics

Conway Twitty Lyrics

One More Sunrise Lyrics
There'll be just one more sunrise
In this cell for brother and me
He'll go home while I'll go
To the hanging tree.

Tell Betty I still love her
And kiss her once for me
And tell mama at sunrise
We'll both be free.

Sitting in my prison cell
The day is just beginning
My spirit's alike a grey
On every wall.

Beside is my brother
Tomorrow we'll both be leaving
He'll go home while they'll lead me
Down the hall.

He was always the blacksheep
There's one in every family
But he was always
Just little brother to me.

And that's why I took the blame
When he killed a man in Knoxville
But tomorrow at sunrise we'll both be free
There'll be just one more sunrise.

Oh, tell mama at sunrise
We'll both be free...

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