Conway Twitty - Leona Lyrics

Conway Twitty Lyrics

Leona Lyrics
Leona, Leona, you tell him you're through
You tell him Leona, about me and you
You tell him we're married with a baby up to
You tell him Leona, you tell him you're true.

You laughed as I pleaded and walked out the door
To meet him, to kiss him, to shame me once more
I knew where to find you just follow the sign
Dancing and dining coctails and wine.

--- Instrumental ---

The sidewalk was crowded in front of the bar
I heard the sirene of black police car
Two bodies lay crumbled a woman a man
His wife stood there by you a gun in her hand.

Leona, Leona, it's over and through
The baby is crying and calling for you
For me there's no difference, I've known for so long
That some day you'd leave me and now you are gone...

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