Conway Twitty - Grandest Lady Of Them All Lyrics

Conway Twitty Lyrics

Grandest Lady Of Them All Lyrics
She's never in the spotlights but everybody knows that she's the star

And once she shines opon you she'll make you truly proud of where you are

She'll wipe away the pain of all the dues she had to pay

When the curtain to her world starts to unfold

With mother tender hand she will applaud and feed the hunger in your soul

And she's known as the Grand Ole Opry where the legend come to call

She's the queen of country music she's the grandest lady of them all

She sings of desperados and lonesome whistle love and midnight train

And the coal mines of Kentucky and how it feels to be out in the rain

She sings of Texas cowboys of hoboes and the heroes

And the loneliness up where and prison blues

But most of all she sings about the common people just like me and you

And she's known as...

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