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Chris Brown Lyrics

Westside Lyrics
100 thou, 3 kilos, my chain is illegal
My life a Tarantino, tomorrow you in the sequel
It's big dollars f*ckin with this big screen
Shouldn't got crazy on the side lately, turn it on screen
Kick it like dojo, know you used to the finer things
Raised from good homes, imagine how that pussy leak
Hood Mona Lis', model for me in that lingerie
Diamond covered rosary, say a prayer then I eat
Downtown penthouse in the city, sleep
All six bitches still high from last week
Back at it, the routine is automatic
They love my ass statics, I love they ass clappin
It's all sex, we do it the best on the west
And see I walk around like I got a S on my chest
As I long ordered, that bitch coming tomorrow
King shit, [?], who think [?], come on

[Hook - Chris Brown:]
I see you workin' that baby
You need to bring your ass to the Westside
Tonight we tryin' to freak some
Bring a friend, bring a friend, it's a threesome
So tell me girl what you drinking?
We gon' have a good time, it's a party
So bring your ass to the Westside

[Chris Brown:]
Look, Virginia nigga on a California king size
Pull your panties to the left, let it G slide
Bonnie & Clyde, ride or die
That's what you need right?
Her daddy OG, she grew up on the East Side
Bumpin' and humpin' like it's nothing, feel like a assmatic
69 her favorite, that's simple mathematics
And she can tell by my eyes I love that ass-clapping
A nigga looking surprised, she got my name tatted
She a fan, f*ck any nigga affiliated
Went from drug dealing to [?] graduated
But I deal with her, and let her think she made it
I'mma spend it all, shit I'm just playing baby
A 100k for the strippers, just me and my niggas
After that we party with bitches and sippin' on liquor
Inhalate them niggas, let them tats fly
That's how we do it on the Westside


[Chris Brown:]
You ready? Just give me a sign, girl
Cause that body looks amazing, girl
And I'm ready to give you the time of your life, baby
I think you deserve a change
Girl I'm falling in love tonight, my hand up your thigh
I see you don't give a f*ck tonight, girl show you right
Let's not waste our time, like it's a 9 to 5
Me and you, both together
Getting freaky on the Westside
Writer: Justin Keith Henderson, Christopher John Whitacre, Christopher Maurice Brown
Copyright: Lyrics © Songs Of Universal Inc., Henderworks Publishing Co., Nappy Boy Publishing, Culture Beyond Ur Experience Publishing, Nappypub Music, West Coast Livin Publishing, Universal Music Corp.

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