Chris Brown - Poppin' (Remix) Lyrics

Chris Brown Lyrics

Poppin' (Remix) Lyrics
(feat. Jay Biz)

[Rap: Jay Biz]
Say girl can i walk wit u?
Smoke, a little conversation, and talk wit u
First question, do you have a man
I look you in your eyes and grab your hand
Damn, shortie tell me where you need to go
You ain't never been approached by a G before?
I never seen hips like these before
There's just one thing I need to know
What's your name is?

[Verse 1:]
Say what's your name is?
Ooh, yeah, dat fits you girl
Tell me where you headed
Can I walk wit you girl?
You got dat look in eyes
That look like you can give your boy here
A good ol' time
And I'm on it girl
That's right, I'm on it girl

See this is the first time I had a girl who looks at me on fiya
I'm really tryna get know you better girl
You ain't gotta act like you shy
Cuz we gon' do (somthin')
Somethin is gon' get (done)
And we gon' get (crunk)
And have a lot of (fun)

Shortie, shortie
She wearin her hear, she workin dem jeans,
she talkin dat talk just li-li-li-like I like it
She keep me on and poppin
She keep me on and poppin(ooh,ooh, yeah)
Shortie, shortie
The way wearin that top that's so hot
Ain't no mistakin' man
She keep me on and poppin
She keep me on and poppin

[Verse 2:]
Uh, Uh, let me tell ya, yeah
Tryna keep my swagga but have me girl
Jump through bout 4 5 hoops of ooh baby
Let's take it to the hood so the people can see ya girl
Oh yes, ya mean and vicious the way ya switch now I say



[Rap 2: Jay Biz]
You ain't gotta be shy wit me
You ain't gotta rush, take ya time wit me
No harm, but I was thinkin possibly
We can get aquainted properly
Now don't act surprised
You know you wanna let me ride
You weigh 125, that's a sexy size
From your lips, to your hips, to your sexy thighs
That nice long hair and sexy eyes
Listen boo
You're simply irrestable
And if you leave, I'll be missin you
So what's your move?
You know the game
Most guys are all the same, I'm a different dude
Shortie, shortie, keep it poppin
3 in the mornin at your door I'm knockin
You know what's on my mind when it's time to get down
We can grind to the sounds of Chris Brown

Uh, Uh, whoa oooh ooh
Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa
You make feel like a winner girl I wanna say
Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa
Let me put my hands around your waist while the background say
Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa
I'm bout to have a fit cuz you're my number 1
[til fades]

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