Chris Brown - It's Yo Shit Lyrics

Chris Brown Lyrics

It's Yo Shit Lyrics
[Verse 1: Chris Brown]
Baby tell me if you're ready, ready for the real thing
You got them lining up and running [?] but you need the real me
And if I get the chance Imma ask you when's the last time you've been satisfied
Give me a chance and I'll show you that I ain't even like them other guys
I do it different from them others guys I know they be tripping
I know what you want so let's get right out of here
Let's go baby I'm counting all my blessing tonight

[Hook: Chris Brown]
You saying all the right shit, well girl I like it
I'm going to make this night romantic
I'm going to love you baby
And I know what you've been dreaming about
I'm gonna' take advantage of you
It's yo shit, It's yo shit
(Oh the way you put it on me)
It's yo shit, It's yo shit

[Verse 2: Tyga]
Sex on the dresser legs on the leather
Do it so good I might let you rub my necklace
We f*cking to record just for the record
Nickname Alexis but you don't push a Lexus
[?] no ordinary shit
Southern part of Euro spending Euros at the [?]
Checks waiting when I land that's money in advanced
Benjamin talk frankly you don't understand me
My [?] upper echelon you should tag along [?]
What we doing here and speaking through your [?]
F*ck you hard, I'm a midnight star David [?]
When you see the headlights like a falling star
Yacht no barge looking like a [?]
Got a hater so blue liker Marge

[Hook: Chris Brown]

[Verse 3: Wale]
It's yo shit, it's yo shit
I don't dig her [?]
I'm dope yes I know this
The word is my third leg a boflex
Time to have sex [?]
I'm dipping in the 362 with the 57
Soon as she get in here she put ht e flip on the zipper
I'm dipping with it, I can tickle your kitty with it
[?] don't kick it with kitty litter
[?] the DMV of course
Hit the streets guarantee the women [?]
Ever blue moon [?]
The ring and the bling look like Billie Jean Porsche
This that Mike Jack flow
I'mma bite that spike [?]

[Hook: Chris Brown]

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