Chris Brown - I'm Illy Lyrics

Chris Brown Lyrics

I'm Illy Lyrics
[Chris Brown:]
I'm in the class homie no gas mas paper long stack higher than giraffe ass I used to drive space ship so I landed wrong on some ugly shit E.T with a bandana on [? ]
Hangin out the right side red lighted in my head I'm looking in the bright side
Listen to my music yes I holy recommended but if you ain't messin with why the hell you commented.
And I really lovin rappen now know I had to get it in listen in the rappers and some of them sign to feminim any stage and every show I been there or I done it too big in thees girl one from me hhaaa it's young ni**a's hittin now yeah we about to shut it now my litttle sister teyana taylor and yeah I'm chris brown it ain't no goons with me gone x silly don't forget moutherf***er I'm illy.

[Teyana Taylor:]
Uhhh I guess the magnets in the [? ] still want to play with us [? ] block sides or web sites they all know I'm dead nice uhh shut the red light you honda chicks is dead tight money startin generating haters get me despiration swag out generation got your chow boy skating M.O.B so solid rate bann so poppin multi colored finger naills Cranberry phone pot killing every beat I touch body every thing I say pin game whip game I just wanna hard a day jealous to my wonderfoul conswag you dumm ass shorty to try coping and pase my style she's dumb yeah scared of nobody I push you thru the limit you rap chicks are burnin [? ] CB is with me and familiar with the movement [? ]

[Chris Brown:]
Aleganda Mcqueen cheen I'm on that mean shit super sweet sixteen clean magazine clip yeeaahh your a hater now check chek I'm a gaters now rocking goos down [? ] winter belt crokodile can't forget my furco shawty named murlo and she mad wow and I like she [? ] yo 2012 yeah I'm rockin new dilans with the temparture patrol of all limit

[Teyana Taylor:]
YEeaahh I'm gone go hard flow hard evertime I'm at the park I show all lyrics is in [? ] you know I am at the zoo yo I mami I'm a model swag why 2 3 cool [? ] timberlands [? ] harlem is my birth place haters check my procile naughty say myspace oouuuu let me see that face ass iihhhh CB yeah stanky leg.

Bark like a dogg
Woof wooff

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