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Everybody Clap For Everybody Lyrics
That's my boy - he's wearin' number twelve
It was such a shame, last Tuesday's game
He didn't do so well
On the other team, number nine is his best friend
Well win, lose or draw, I pray they'll be friends in the end, so

Ev'rybody clap for ev'rybody
Ev'rybody cheer for ev'ryone
Ev'rybody clap for ev'rybody
Yeah, yeah, the game is won

Han Joong Kim - Lateesha Valentine
Different churches, different schools, different eyes
Well they fell in love, and the families had a heart attack
But what you give in love they say has a way of comin' back, so

Winston Woods - he votes Democrat
His gal Megan Quinn's Republican
She don't go for that
But one horrible day somethin' happened
That made their differences seem so small
And they said "Love stands a chance if we're all for one and one for all", so

Clap for Coach Terry, Coach Mark, Miss Gail, Cara and
Evan & Liam & Javier too
Rocky & Kevin & Ryan & Michael,
I betcha Taylor scores at least two

There's Peter & Tim & Grant and don't forget
Edgar, what a shame he moved away!
Hector, Miguel, Jose and Caleb
I love to watch those guys play so

Ev'rybody clap...

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