The Cab Lyrics

The Cab Lyrics
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The Cab Info:

The Cab is an American rock band from Las Vegas. The band formed while the members were still attending high school at Liberty High in Henderson, Nevada. -Wikipedia

Las Vegas, Nevada

Pop rock, emo-pop, alternative rock, pop punk

Years active:

Associated acts:
Panic! at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, Hey Monday, The Academy Is...

Name Origin:
Cash Colligan explained: "The Cab basically came from him staying over at my house and we were both just blurting out random shit, everything we thought was in Vegas and for some reason I said “The Cab,” and it’s not like it was the best name in the world but it was the only one that didn’t sound obnoxious. We kinda just kept it as that, and then just built around from there. We don’t have any cool epic story behind it we were just sitting there and we blurted out a name and it stuck three years later."

Alexander DeLeon -
lead vocals (2004-present)

Joey Thunder -
bass (2009-present)

Dave Briggs -
drums (2011-present)

Chantry "Chance" Johnson -
guitar, backing vocals, cello (2012-present)

Past Members:
Alex Johnson -
drums (2005-2011)

Paul Garcia -
guitar (2005-2007)

Ian Crawford -
guitar, backing vocals (2007-2009)

Bryan Dawson -
guitar (2009-2010)

Cash Colligan -
bass, backing vocals (2004-2009)

Alex T. Marshall -
guitar, piano (2004-2014)

The Cab Quotes:
"Basically Me and Alex, one of the singers started the band out in high school. We actually didn’t like each other but for some reason we both just had the common interest in making music and whatever, assing spare time."
-Cash Colligan

"Obviously our vocals are very influenced by *NSYNC, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna what not, so that’s where our vocals (come from), Ian’s been listening to Hendrix and Zeppelin since he came out of the whom and then you have your soft piano from Marshall, I’m big on hip-hop and Johnson likes a lot of the drummer influential like Rush and Blink 182 with Travis Barker, it just depends on what instrument for that band we can look up to and make ourselves progress. It helps growth too when everyones listening to a different genre and not staying tracked on one track minds."
-Cash Colligan

"Everyone pretty much assumes that Panic (at the Disco) and us were friends just because we’re from the same city, but Alex was a huge Panic fan from day one, he was at their very first show, he was the only kid that knew the words at this 400 cap little shit venue in Vegas. He went and handed the demo to, conveniently at a Cobra Starship show, he ran into John and Spencer and they actually recongnized him, Spencer did, from that first show, obviously John wasn’t in the band yet. They listened to it and now we’re somehow in Colorado about to play a show."
-Cash Colligan

"I wish Something Corporate would get back together and do a tour with them, that’s my number one influence."
-Cash Colligan

Tour Dates:

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