Byrnes Jim - That River Lyrics

Byrnes Jim Lyrics

That River Lyrics
No one ever loved that river, rain from
the highlands a mirror for the Cajun moon
A road without a memory of anything
that started out as blue
Well you can pour me like a jug of wine
Into the gulf of Mexico, honey
Unitil the end of time but no one ever loved
that river the way I love you

You move with your own rhythm
like a tide on the river lightning on the Ponchatrain
The way you come to me a midnight
warm and naked as the rain
What were you whispering down at Natchez
Cause it muddied up my mind
About some great ocean going to make you
leave it all behind well, no one ever loved
that river the way I love you

You've got land above the salt line,
Bougainvillea in you hair
The barges poles for New Orleans
You said you'd leave without a care
But the rumour on the river is anything
that touches you will be free
but I know you can't be free
Well, you know you can never leave this river
without me

Your eyes them flash defiance, they will not wait
upon my word draw my eyes across the skyline
like some long and graceful bird
Your lips have known me better, honey
and that satin ball of fire turns to blue
I cannot leave this river, I will not leave this river
without you no one ever loved that river,
no one ever loved that river the way I love you

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