The Wall Lyrics by Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen Lyrics

The Wall Lyrics
Cigarettes and a bottle of beer, this poem that I wrote for you
This black stone and these hard tears, they are all I got left now of you
I remember you in your Marine uniform laughing, laughing at your shipping out party
I read Robert McNamara says he's sorry

Yeah you and your boots and black t-shirt, ah, Billy you looked so bad
Yeah you and your rock and roll band was the best thing this shit town ever had
Now the men that put you here eat with their families in rich dining halls
And apology and forgiveness got no place here at all, here at the wall

Well I'm sorry that I missed you last year, I couldn't find no one to drive me
If your eyes could cut through that black stone, tell me would they recognize me
For the living time that must be served, life goes on
Cigarettes and a bottle of beer, and skin on a black stone

High school pictures and paper flowers, and these ribbons are red as the blood
Yeah as the blood you spilled in the Central Highlands mud
Now limousines rush down Pennsylvania Avenue as the rain falls
Apology and forgiveness got no place here at all

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