Dancing In the Dark (Introduction) Lyrics by Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen Lyrics

Dancing In the Dark (Introduction) Lyrics
I always, I always thought I was a typical American, so I fought my whole life and I studied and I played and I worked, 'cause I wanted to hear and I wanted to know the whole American story. I wanted to know my story, and your story. Felt like I needed to understand as much of it as I could in order to understand myself. Ya know, who was I? And where I came from and what that meant. What did it mean to my family? Where was I going? And where were we going together as a people? And then, and, what did it mean to be an American? And to be a part of that story, in this place, and in this time. I wanted to be able to celebrate and honor its beauty, its power, and I wanted to be able to be a critical voice when I thought that that's what the times called for. But most of all, more than anything else, I wanted to be able to tell that story well to you. That was my young promise to myself, and this was my young promise to you. From when I was a very young man, I took my fun very seriously, ya know. And this is what I pursue as my service, I still believe in it as such. This is what I have presented to you all these years as my long and noisy prayer, as my magic trick. I wanted, I wanted to rock your very soul, and have you bring it home and pass it on, and I wanted it to be sung and altered by you and your folks and your children, should they be interested. I wanted it to be something you could call on when things were good, and uh, and when things were not so good - that it might strengthen, help make sense of your story and your life the way that you strengthen me and help me make sense of my life. You've provided me with purpose, with meaning, and with a great great amount of joy. I hope I've done that for you and that I've been a good travelling companion. Remember that the future is not yet written. So when things look dark, do as my mighty mom would insist. Lace up your dancing shoes, and get to work

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