Brenda Lee - Truer Than True Lyrics

Brenda Lee Lyrics

Truer Than True Lyrics
(Backus - Westbards - Tubert - Alaimo)

Truer than true, that's how I love you
Say you love me too, truer than true

Gladder than glad, I can't believe it!
I'm never sad, I'm gladder than glad

You mean the world to me,
Come kiss me tenderly, oh can't you see

I'm higher, than high. I touch the stars now
Way, way, way up in the sky
I'm higher, mmmmmm higher than high!

Truer than true, yes, yes, that's how I love you
Say, say you love me too
Truer than true
Yeah say, you love me too
And I'll be true, true, true, true, truer than true

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