Brenda Lee - Only When I Laugh Lyrics

Brenda Lee Lyrics

Only When I Laugh Lyrics
(R.Maltby - D.Shire)

So, it's finally over
Had to happen but, no big deal
After all of that off again and on, what else is new

Well I said, well, will yaw catch me crying,
Not this kid will
Will I soon forget you, I just did
Does it really hurt me
Only when I laugh

Is my heart finally numb yet
Well, I don't think that I feel one thing
After too long of running cold and hot, then cold,
You end up blue

So I just did changing on my mailbox, suits me fine
And since you've gone your way, I'll go mine
Does it really hurt me,
Only when I laugh

Every time I fell in love,
I never fell completely
The joke is,
I was saving something for a person I thought was you

Well I guess I was dreaming
Glad the factor is dead and gone
And if my mind has keeps running back and forth,
And back and forth
Don't take that as a clue

It was a minor operation, I pulled through
Opened up my life and took out you
The only scars the heart that's neatly torn in half

Does it really hurt me
Only when I laugh

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