Brenda Lee - Just A Little Lyrics

Brenda Lee Lyrics

Just A Little Lyrics
Just A Little
Brenda Lee
(Ron Elliot - Robert Durand)

Ah ah ah ah

I can't stay, yes I know
You know I hate to go
But goodbye, love was sweet
Our worlds can never meet

So I'll cry just a little 'cause I love you so
And I'll die just a little 'cause I have to go

Verse 2:

Can't you see how I feel
When I say love's unreal
But goodbye, it's been sweet
Even though incomplete

[repeat chorus]

Instrumental break:

Verse 3:

Every night I still hear
All your sighs very clear
Now love's gone, gone away
As I once heard you say

Chorus 2:

Now I've cried just a little 'cause I loved you so
And I've died just a little 'cause I had to go

[repeat instrumental break]


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