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Breaking Benjamin Lyrics

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From the Album Aurora (2020) (buy at
So Cold
Far Away
Angels Fall
Red Cold River
Dance with the Devil
Never Again
Torn in Two
Dear Agony (Aurora Version)

From the Album Ember (2018) (buy at
Feed the Wolf
Red Cold River
The Dark of You
Torn in Two
Save Yourself
Close Your Eyes

From the Album Dark Before Dawn (2015) (buy at
Dark Before Dawn

From the Album Dear Agony (2009) (buy at

Fade Away
I Will Not Bow
Give Me A Sign
What Lies Beneath
Anthem Of The Angels
Lights Out
Dear Agony
Into The Nothing
Without You

From the Album Phobia (2006) (buy at

The Diary Of Jane
Evil Angel
Until The End
Dance With The Devil
Here We Are
Unknown Soldier
Had Enough
You Fight Me

From the Album We Are Not Alone (2004) (buy at

So Cold
Simple Design
Break My Fall
Forget It
Sooner Or Later

From the Album Saturate (2002) (buy at

I Wish I May
Natural Life
Next To Nothing
No Games
Shallow Bay

Other Songs:
Better Days
Blow Me Away (from "Halo 2" soundtrack)
Enjoy The Silence
Lie To Me (from "Shallow Bay: The Best of Breaking Benjamin" compilation)
Ordinary Man
Who Wants To Live Forever (from "Killer Queen: A Tribute to Queen" compilation)

Breaking Benjamin Info:

Breaking Benjamin is an American rock band founded in 1998 by Benjamin Burnley in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Burnley is the sole constant of the band, withstanding multiple line-up changes, and is the primary songwriter and lead vocalist. -Wikipedia

Also known as:
Plan 9

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, United States

Alternative metal, post-grunge

Years active:
1998-2010, 2014-present

Associated acts:
Lifer, Forever Oeuvre, OurAfter

Name Origin:
The band's name originates from an incident during an open-mic night at a club, when Burnley dropped the microphone he was using to cover a Nirvana song. The owner of the microphone remarked afterward, "I'd like to thank Benjamin for breaking my f*cking microphone".

In 1999, the group briefly changed their name to "Plan 9", but soon after changed it back.

Benjamin Burnley - lead vocals, rhythm guitar

Keith Wallen - guitar, backing vocals

Jasen Rauch - lead guitar

Aaron Bruch - bass, backing vocals

Shaun Foist - drums, percussion

Past Members:
Aaron Fink - lead guitar, backing vocals
(1998; 2001-2011)

Nicholaus Hoover - bass guitar

Chris Lightcap - drums, percussion

Andy Seal (Plan 9) - bass guitar

Jeremy Hummel - drums, percussion

Jason Davoli (Plan 9) - bass guitar

Jonathan "Bug" Price - bass guitar, backing vocals

Mark Klepaski - bass guitar

Chad Szeliga - drums, percussion

Breaking Benjamin Quotes:
Ben and I started playing together in 1999 and 2000. We got together and started playing. The whole band first played on New Years Eve on the turnover of 2002.
-Jeremy Hummel

It’s really cool. I would say the best part is that the fans of the band aren’t just the type of fans that are into just one song. Either fans are hardcore or they haven’t heard much from us yet. The people that get into the band are in love with the whole album. It’s not like they heard the single and that is all, they seem to get into the album as a whole. They become hardcore fans.
-Jeremy Hummel

Um, well, you know, you're immersed in a world that's not real. You can be whoever you want. You wanna fly a jet, and save the world that way? Or run through running and gunning, you can do it that way. I like the immersion of it. Ever since I was a kid, I've always enjoyed video games.
-Ben Burnley

You know, I really don't know, because kids are obviously very easily influenced. I, myself, personally, have been playing violent video games since I was a kid, and I never wanted to blow anybody, you know, no pun intended, but I never wanted to blow anybody away. I don't think it made a difference for me whatsoever. The only thing that would make me be violent, is if somebody were violent towards me.
-Ben Burnley

Billy really encouraged me to think outside of the box, and not to be so cookie-cutter about my writing my music. And, just exploring different things. We wrote a tune called Forget It, that a lot of people really seem to dig. It's unconventional. It's like nothing else I've written, so...
-Ben Burnley (about Billy Corgan)

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