Bob Carlisle - You Must Have Been an Angel Lyrics

Bob Carlisle Lyrics

You Must Have Been an Angel Lyrics
I was the lonely one inside
Seemed like my prayers had been denied
I'd come to the decision
to never find a love that's true

Down on my knees again, in prayer,
Oh lord, please send someone to care
My best imagination
could not have dreamed someone like you

You must have been an angel, I can tell
By the heavenly way my heart fell
Oh, it was spiritual, a miracle
That an angel
Would fall in love with me

You've got that heart of gold, I swear
You are the answer to my prayer
And so much heavenly power
to make a mortal dream come true

Oh you were heaven sent, I know
For even when lights are low
I can almost see, I see a halo
Girl I'm so in love with you

Girl, I'm so glad I found you
Gonna wrap my whole world around you
Oh, It's gonna be so heavenly
Just you and me..

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