Bobby Darin - Hello, Dolly! Lyrics

Bobby Darin Lyrics

Hello, Dolly! Lyrics
Hello, Dolly, this is Louis, Dolly
It's so nice to have you back where you belong
You lookin' swell Dolly, I can tell Dolly
You still glowin', you still growin', you still goin' strong
I feel the room swayin', while the band's playin'
One of their old favourite songs from way back when
So, take a wrap fellas, find her an empty lap fellas
Dolly... never go away again

I feel the room swayin', but the band's playin'
One of our old favourite songs from back when
So, golly gee fellas, have a little faith in me fellas
Dolly, never go away
Promise, you'll never go away
Dolly, never go away again

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