B.B. King - A Story Everybody Knows Lyrics

B.B. King Lyrics

A Story Everybody Knows Lyrics
(Nesbert "Stix" Hooper / Will Jennings)

Went to a party, the New York style
I met a lady, make a sane man wild
She said the words only her lips could say
She made me want to throw my life away
But when I asked her, she said, "Maybe tomorrow, B.B."
And that's a story everybody knows

I took her flying, out across the sea
I thought I had her, I know that she had me
And when we landed, it was Paris, France
Seemed like a nice place, for some French romance
But when I touched her, she said, "Maybe a little later, B.B."
And that's the story everybody knows

We went to Berlin, and to Stockholm too
And on the Moscow, then to the Peking Zoo
As far as travel, she couldn't get too much
Somewhere in Oakland, she let me have just a little touch
And then she said, "I'm late for beauty appointment,
I've got a headache, and I believe I'm coming down with the flu"
And that's the story everybody knows
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