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Lonesome Suzie Lyrics
Lonesome Suzie, never got the breaks
She's always losing so she sits and cries and shakes
It's so hard just to watch her, and if I touch her
Oh, poor Suzie, I'm wondrin' what to do

She just sits there, hoping for a friend
I don't fit here, but I may have a friend to lend
Maybe I mistook her, but I can't overlook her
Must be someone who can pull her through

Anyone who's felt that bad could tell me what to say
Even if she'd just get mad, she might be better off that way
And where is all the understanding
Her problems can't be that demanding
Why is it she looks that way
Every time she starts to cry?

Lonesome Suzie, I can't watch you cry no longer
If you can use me until you feel a little stronger
I guess just watching you has made me lonesome too
Why don't we get together,
What else can we do?

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