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This Means War Lyrics
Hide my face again.
Harboring the shadows
Feel this weight of sin.
Hammering away.

Die, with the guilt of a thousand AWOL soldiers.
Die, watch the scythe usher me astray.

I can't go on this way.
Not as I am today.
The ugly side of me is strong.

Take aim, a loaded gun.
Pull back on all who run.
A coward's truth inside the wrong.

This means war! [3x]

Lash your tongue of bane.
Carry me to nowhere.
Mental holocaust.
Battle never ends.

Lie, mask the pain of a child who's forsaken.
Lie, to myself, praise the new regime.

I left me long ago.
Reasons you'll never know.
No one to miss me when I'm gone.

With no more words to say.
No argument to stay.
Another post I don't belong.

This means war! [5x]

No home to call my own.
No finding someone new.
No one to break the fall.
No one to see me through.

No name to carry on.
No promise for today.
No one to hear the call.
No tattered flag to raise.

Walk the razor's edge.
Cut into the madness
Question all you trust.
Buy into the fear.

I see the man ripping at my soul now
I, I know the man, I know him all too well.

There's nothing here for free.
Lost who I wanna be.
My serpent blood can strike so cold.

On any given day.
I'll take it all away.
Another thought I can't control.

This means war! [5x]
Writer: Baker, Zachary James / Haner, Brian Elwin / Sanders, Matthew Charles / Seward, Jonathan
Copyright: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing

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