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Save Me Lyrics
(They all know! They all know!)

Sorry, did I wake your dreams?
Some questions run to deep
We only, only wake up when we sleep
Led by the lunar light, trouble's all we'd find
Lost our way tonight

Is it something we said?
Is it something we said to them?
Is it something we said?

(Save me)
Trapped in a vile world
(Save me)
Where the end game's all the same as every other
We're only here to die
(Save me)
Losing my only dream
(Save me)
I can use some guiding light, some place to go
If you hear me, let me know

(They all know! They all know!)

Ever since the day you left my fate's been set unknown
How many years to walk this path alone?
So much to see tonight, so why do you close your eyes?
Why can't I shut mine?

Is it something we did?
Is it something we did to them?
Is it something we did?


If you hear me, let me know

Help me find my way
I said, help me find my way,
No pulse inside of me, stone cold lips and heresy
All lies and to a degree, losing who I wanna be

Find out, right now

He may be out of his mind
But some day you will find,
That sanity has left us all blind
And dragged us all behind,
A moment seen through those eyes
Crystal blue disguise,
They say that all beauty must die
I say it just moves on

If you'd only open your mind, then some day you will find
Insanity left us behind and walked right through the door
I can see the pictures clear as yesterday, pictures of my own
I can hear the voices begging you to stay, but know you're not alone.


If you hear me, let me know

Tonight we all die young [6x]
Tonight we all die
Tonight we all die young!

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