Lost It All Lyrics by Avenged Sevenfold

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Lost It All Lyrics
[Bonus track]

Run away
I'm living with a hole inside
A piece of me that I have yet to find
The edge of reason lies uneven
Turn me off, feel the blood so cold!

Like a product that was bought in salt
Asking me for the impossible!

I ain't waiting for a miracle
I ain't waiting for the world to change
Under my skin lives the reason
Under my armor I lost it all!

No more pain
No savior made of our design
Fool me before I tell ya not this time
Rape my body, lost my vision, lost my mind
I had to let it go!

Another day living irrational
Another day inside this dying soul!


There's something in your eyes
A part of me that I recognize
I want to let you know
We'd be there if we could and it's alright
You taught me how to feel
It's no wonder I'd do anything
Tell me why'd you have to go?
With the ones that come lost are the best I know
At times, it seems that we've lost it all!

Burn it all
Burn it to the f*cking ground
Believe the words that I don't want me around
Life with vision, indecision
World collision and heads will roll
With nothing left except the pain to show
Mental imagery on the floor!


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