Aurora Borealis Lyrics

Aurora Borealis Lyrics

From the Album Relinquish (2006) (buy at
Myths Of The Light
Let The Games Begin
Ravaged By Fire
God Wills It
The Red Flag
River Through The Skies
Tonight We Feast
Black Snow

From the Album Time, Unveiled (2002) (buy at
Time, Unveiled
Triumph Again
Sky Burial
Transversing the Tides
The Last Day
Sixteenth Chamber
Slave To The Grave

From the Album Northern Lights (1999) (buy at
Northern Lights
Thrice Told
Enter The Halls
Images In The Nightsky
Sky Dweller
Dream God

From the Album Praise The Archaic Lights Embrace (1998) (buy at
Praise The Archaic Lights Embrace
Offerings Of Jade And Blood
A Gaze Into Everdark
In The Depths Of A Labyrinth
Aggressive Dynasty
War Of The Rings
For Your Comprehension
Constellations Embellished With Chaos
Calm Before
The Storm

From the Album Mansions Of Eternity (1996) (buy at
Mansions Of Eternity
Crowned With Embalmment
Weighing Of The Heart
Valley Of The Kings
Slave To The Grave
Sixteenth Chamber

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