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Songs Of Suburbia Lyrics
Seventeen-hundred people all in a happy town
Next door neibor's boy mows the lawn for Mrs. Brown
Don't have much polution
Don't have that much crime
Except for the time when a kid threw a rock
Through the Dunkin' Donuts sign

Songs of suburbia
Things ain't all that hard
Pa's in the office
Pool in our backyard
Kids in trendy clothing all play their happy games
Got lost just the other day cause all the houses look the same

Got my wife, got my kids
My happiness and health
Black kid goes to the local school
But he keeps to himself
Grabbed myself a video
Watched it the other day
Dinner's in the micro
Wife's at the PTA

Songs of suburbia
Not one single whore
Who cares what the neibor's got? Go out and get some more!
Everybody is OK, they all seem pretty clean
Thank god for Lawn Doctor
He keeps our front lawn green

Songs of suburbia
Sweet songs fill the land
Except for Tommy Salmon and his f*cking garage band
(That's us!!)
Songs of suburbia
Talking 'bout me and you
Guess I'll see you next week at the Johnson's Bar-bar-que!

_Songs of Suburbia_
By ATI, (Another Three Initial)
A long faded South Jersey Hardcore band
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